Green Oil Change

What is City Garage green?

A question I am often asked when talking about green auto service practices is…”what makes City Garage green?”

Here are a few interesting facts that makes City Garage green.

Every year in the United States there is over 44 billion gallons of waste oil generated from our transportation system. Of these billions of gallons only 12% was captured and recycled last year. Remember it only takes one quart of waste oil to foul 1,000,000 gallons of drinking water.

  1. Antifreeze DisposalThe last eleven City Garage stores built are equipped with waste oil heaters that we use in the winter to heat our shops. These waste oil heaters are UL Approved and approved by the EPA for their emissions to be below the Clean Air standard.
  2. In addition to the eleven waste oil heaters, City Garage removed and properly disposed of over 45,327 gallons of used motor oil, transmission fluid and contaminated fuel in 2008.
  3. City Garage recycles all of the metal parts that are removed from vehicles in their stores in order to reduce the amount of junk in our landfills.
  4. City Garage properly disposed of over 37,702 oil, gas and transmission filters in 2008.
  5. City Garage provided over 14,743 gallons of antifreeze to an ethylene glycol recycler in 2008.
  6. City Garage collects and donates all of their used printer ink and toner cartridges to a local school for their fundraising efforts.
  7. All of the customer records in City Garage that are printed on paper are shredded to protect confidential customer information and recycled to reduce the amount of paper that is sent to our landfills.
  8. All cardboard boxes that are used by City Garage have been reused as many times as possible before they are finally discarded.
  9. City Garage encourages all of its suppliers to provide them with electronic cataloges. In the event that paper catalogs are used by a vendor, all outdated paper catalogs are taken to a local grade school recycle bin for disposal.
  10. All City Garage stores use concentrated soaps to mop their floors. These soaps are used in conjunction with a dilution soap dispensing unit that limits the amount of soap used and ensures that this soapy water solution continues to be biodegradable. All of these solutions are sent through an oil separator and a sand trap to make sure that this solution does not come in contact with our ground water disposal.

City Garage has been “green” since 1993!